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Vision Zero is based on the belief that all accidents, diseases and harm at work are preventable and on the commitment of Vision Zero Companies and Partners to promote the three core values of this campaign: Safety.Health.Wellbeing. Importantly the Vision Zero approach is flexible. One can focus on health, on safety or on well-being issues depending on what is most relevant. With this flexibility Vision Zero is of benefit for all, for governments and health and safety organizations in any part of the world and for companies of any industry and any scale. The roadmap towards Vision Zero is formed by "Seven Golden Rules" based on successful, practical management concepts. 

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Safety is fundamental and non-negotiable, and it must guide all of our actions and commitments. Our safety culture encompasses the behaviours, beliefs and values that all employees in our company share to manage the risks in our operations.  
In accordance with Vision Zero, Dragger strives to achieve  our "zero accidents" goal, and we focus on facilities, processes, and people to get there. 

DRAGGER as a partner 

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