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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy

Dragger management recognize the use and abuse of drugs and influence of alcohol will impair the ability to perform work properly and will have serious adverse effect on safety, efficiency, personnel will-being and productivity.

Dragger strictly prohibits the use, possession, sales or trafficking in drugs. No employees shall under the influence of drug whilst on duty or carry/possession of such drugs in company premises or work locations. On alcohol, confirmatory test would be required if screening (through breathalyzer test) show 40mg/100ml and above as positive. Violation of this procedure is subject to disciplinary action including termination.

Any employee who is arrested and charged by the authorities for possession, sales of trafficking in drugs and being under the influence of within the company premises and work locations may be subjected to disciplinary action including termination.

Employees and third-party employees are also covered by all provisions of the policy

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